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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Alice: Slave's Final Revenge (Book 5)

Now armed with Gabriel’s blessing and money, Alice Devlin must travel to Scotland to put Part One of her plan in motion. Her mission: to destroy her father and bring him to his knees for making her a slave.

But to achieve that, she needs the help of Christopher McArthur, a kilt-wearing Scotsman with seven handsome and very virile sons. And they all have a game of ‘Hunt the Fox’ in mind with Alice as the sexy, helpless prey.

Will Alice succeed in outmatching them? Or must she go to Tokyo for one final denouement to bring down her father?

This 15000 word BDSM novelette is the fifth and final volume of the ‘Alice BDSM’ series. Alice Devlin is a standout Machiavellian character from ‘The Initiation 2’ and ‘The Initiation 3’ series which have sold well over 215,000 copies.

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Excerpt ~
“She’s here!” cries someone.

The horses canter to a stop. Beneath my tree, horseflesh and men boil on the ground, filling the air with the smell of hide and leather and animal sweat. I can hear men dismounting.

“There she is!”

“Yes, you can see her legs!”

They crowd around the tree.

“Hey, Alice, you up there?”


“Who’s going to get her?”

“You, Billy. You were always the best climber.”

“Who gets to her first gets first dibs at her cunt.”

“But we can’t all climb up there. The tree won’t hold us.”

So one of them is going to climb up and get me. But not without a fight! Yes, I know I consented to whatever will happen to me here. I even signed the contract in front of Christopher. But it doesn’t mean I can’t put up a fight, just as it doesn’t mean they can’t put up a real hunt, complete with hounds and guns.

“Go get her, Billy. Drag her down for us and we’ll do the rest.”

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