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The ‘Bound and Shackled to the Billionaire’ Series


Hardworking Susan Chalmers is 29 years old, ambitious, and desperate to be promoted to Vice-President, but her hated company rival is getting an edge on her with the boss.

Then Channing Crawford - the reclusive billionaire company CEO - makes her an indecent proposition. For one week, she must submit to his every sexual command - no matter how bizarre and foreign to her sensibilities. In return, he will give her what she craves.

But Susan hasn't counted on Channing himself affecting her so deeply. He's extremely handsome, unpredictable, unknowable and dominant, but there are also whispers about his mysterious and unsettling past. Susan is about to be swept into a world she has no control over.

HIS INDECENT PROPOSITION is the first volume in the 'BOUND AND SHACKLED TO THE BILLIONAIRE' BDSM series. At 10,000 words, it chronicles the beginning of a strange but compelling erotic romance.

He says, "I have seen you around and taken note of your progress in all these years."

You have? She's astonished.

"I believe you have the ruthless ambition to make things happen for yourself."

"I do, Mr. Crawford, I do." This comes out in a bit of a rush.

He leans back in his chair, and it creaks with protest.

"You see, I have certain personal needs. I'm looking for the right woman to fulfill them, and I believe you have the characteristics to tend to my needs, Susan."

She can't believe what she's hearing. Her jaw drops.

"Wh-what kind of needs, Mr. Crawford?"

He steeples his hands. "Let's just say I enjoy taking a strong-willed, ambitious woman like yourself and molding her into someone who will bend the knee and obey my every command. Are you that woman, Ms. Susan Chalmers?"

The proposition dangles in front of her like a carrot on a stick. This can't be happening, she thinks. This is surreal. Channing Crawford wants her in the physical sense? He who is unattainable and lives in the clouds, who is secretly desired by every woman in the company, only they are too afraid to even speak of it?

Bend the knee.

It sounds deliciously depraved . . . and yet tantalizing.

Her terror surfaces again.

"Wh-what's in it for me, sir?"

"I will be making a decision on the Vice-President post by Friday next week. Leonard Drake, a fine upstart individual with extremely impressive paper qualifications and a track record that dwarfs even yours, is your main contender - as you no doubt have acceded. He has promised to bring in the Buchanan contract by Thursday next week."

He lets this float in the tension-filled air between them.

The Buchanan contract? Her spirits sink. The Buchanan contract is the Holy Grail of contracts - the biggest, most notoriously sought among them. Edward Buchanan is a recluse whose company is worth eighteen billion dollars.

A recluse who donates generously to the church.

"I see," she says, the pit of her stomach caving in. How can she possibly compete with that?

But that's precisely the point.

She can compete with it.

Her voice is shaky as she says, "What would you require me to do, Mr. Crawford? And for how long?"

"Let's make it until Friday, Susan Chalmers. As for what I require . . . well, let's just say you will do my every bidding . . . my every command." His crystalline blue eyes bore probingly into hers.

She licks her lips nervously. "And would those . . . requests . . . be sexual in nature, sir?"

He waits a beat before answering, "Yes, for most part."

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Now in an unusual sexual arrangement with her ultimate boss, Susan Chalmers is experiencing a whirlwind of sensations and emotions that she has never known before. For Channing Crawford - stunningly handsome, dominant and ruthless billionaire CEO - is anything but predictable.

But is he also dangerous?

He takes her to his forbidding mansion with its mysterious 'dungeon' and introduces her to the dubious delights of bondage and role play.

Then enters his twin brother, long presumed dead under strange circumstances, who immediately sees Susan as what she is - a pawn in a deadly game.

At 10,000 words, HIS INDECENT DEMANDS is the second volume in the 'BOUND AND SHACKLED TO THE BILLIONAIRE' BDSM erotic romance series.

She can't take her eyes off him.

He's every bit as handsome with those blazing blue eyes and chiseled features. The main difference is that he has longish hair that falls almost to his shoulders - unlike Channing, who sports short hair to the point of a buzz cut. He wears a five o' clock shadow in his rugged jawline. He's dressed in a dark shirt, over which he slings a black jacket. His jeans are also black. He resembles the night itself.

He smiles at her, and it's dazzling.

"Interesting," he says. He has the exact same voice as Channing.

She wonders if he is Channing himself in another guise, and he has just put on a wig in some bizarre role play which he expects her to participate in. Yes, that's a very real possibility.

"Ch-channing?" she says.

"I can be him if you wish me to be." He looks around the kitchen as if he's never seen it before. "Nice place my brother has got here. He's done very well for himself. And who are you? A lover? Certainly not a wife, I'll bet. That was never in his spec sheet."

A brother? An identical twin, more like. She can only stare at him as he steps out of the doorway. Her hands are still on her breasts.

He motions to her crotch.

"If you're trying to hide yourself, you need to hide more than your upper half."

Her distressed hands flutter to her crotch, revealing her breasts. She quickly covers her nipples again with one hand while the other stays at her pubis, which she now is certain is also exposed.

He moves closer, and she backs away. He is an unknown quantity, and everything about this situation screams wrong.

"You're beautiful," he remarks, his eyes admiring. "My brother always had good taste in women. Notwithstanding what he did to her."

There's an undercurrent here. Something is certainly not right. She retreats as he keeps on coming closer, until she bumps into the kitchen counter. She has nowhere to go.

"Please," she says.

"Please what?"

"Please don't . . . "

He is two feet away from her now. She wonders if she is in any danger. The way he appraises her - like she is something to eat - is deeply unsettling. Out of the corner of her eyes, she spies the knife rack. She wonders if she should reach for it.

His nostrils flare as his pupils dilate. "I should take you right here on the table. Take you as he has taken her."

Her heart skips several beats.

Her instincts are right. She is in danger.

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Having staved off a near-rape by the twin brother of billionaire CEO Channing Crawford, her lover and dom in their unusual business arrangement, Susan Chalmers is holed up in a mansion guarded by mercenaries.

She has no idea the game is about to get deadlier.

She only knows that Channing has become more open and caring towards her, even as he continues to nurture his secrets. But a mysterious name haunts them: 'Desert Rose'. A name that will prove to have devastating consequences for them, resulting in tragedy.

At 13,000 words, HIS INDECENT DESIRES is the third volume in the 'BOUND AND SHACKLED TO THE BILLIONAIRE' BDSM erotic romance series.

She admits to being scared. She follows him timidly, her heels digging into the carpet, as he unlocks the iron dungeon door with an old-fashioned key. Here they are, master and slave again. She wonders if he purposefully designed the door this way - to intimidate the submissive before she even steps across the threshold.

If that is his objective, he has succeeded well. She's virtually quaking as the door whines open.

"Don't worry, Susan. You'll enjoy this," he says.

She isn't so sure. She wants him inside her badly, she can't deny that. But this is a whole new experience. She remembers the spanking and how she had cried at that, and her legs wobble as they propel her into the viper's pit.

The dungeon is cavernous. Channing closes the door behind them with a clang, and she jumps. She notes that the door on the inside is decked with en electronic panel - a strange modern application that clashes jarringly with the rustic material it's embedded in.

It's a strange chamber, about the size of a large office meeting room. The walls are opaque grey. Various pieces of furniture that resemble medieval torture racks line the perimeter, alongside black cabinets and metal safes.

She quails.

His palm is at her back, stroking her gently. "Don't be afraid. It's going to be OK. You'll like it . . . if you let your inhibitions go and free your mind."

She remembers the pact she made with him. Her body at his every whim in exchange for her promotion to Vice-President. Much of it has been enjoyable . . . so far . . . but now, at the sight of all this BDSM paraphernalia, she isn't so sure. Maybe she had made a pact with the devil himself. He's certainly handsome enough.

He says, "This doubles up as a panic room. The walls, ceiling and floor are concrete. They are padded with asbestos and other insulated structures."

"A panic room?"

"Yes. To protect its occupants," he says this in a meaningful tone. I could have hidden here last night, she thinks faintly. Oh, the irony of it.

He goes to a tripod and caresses the wood. It is a triangular structure, almost like an easel. There are leather bonds at the top and at the sides. She can envision herself being bound upon it - wrists at the top and thighs stretched out and tied to the side beams. She recoils from it.

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Susan Chalmers has been abducted by the mentally unstable Hugh, her billionaire lover’s twin brother. Incarcerated in a secret tropical location, she is forced to submit to his every whim.

Hugh demands her ransom: half of Channing’s fortune within five days . . . or she will die an unspeakable death. The mystery of what really happened east of Baghdad – the tumultuous events that brought them all here – looms in the background.

Will Channing pay up for her? Or does she really know the man she has fallen hopelessly in love with?

At 13,000 words, HIS INDECENT SECRETS is the fourth volume in the ‘BOUND AND SHACKLED TO THE BILLIONAIRE’ BDSM erotic romance series.

“Channing!” Tears spring to her eyes even though she promised she wouldn’t break down in front of him, lest he be more anxious over her. Her hand touches the screen. How she wishes she can touch his face.

“Susan. Please tell me you’re OK. If I get to wrap my hands around that little fucker’s neck, I swear I’ll choke him so hard that he won’t be able to rise from the grave ever again.”

“I’m OK.” She’s not sure she’s OK, but seeing Channing lifts her hopes up to almost stratospheric levels.

Channing’s eyes blaze. “Did he touch you? Because if he did – ”

Hugh cuts in, “Yeah, what are you going to do about it? The same thing you did when your house burned down? Because I’ve already fucked her and she gave her cunt to me willingly. Didn’t you, princess?”

He grabs her face roughly and kisses her full on the lips, right in front of the camera aperture on the open laptop. Susan can only imagine what Channing must be thinking. Channing . . . who has never kissed her before. Channing – who equates kissing with profound intimacy. But Hugh obviously has no such hang-ups.

She struggles, but his grip is firm. She remembers what he threatened about what he would do to Channing if she didn’t submit. So she lets her body go lax as he kisses her voraciously. When he finally lets her go, there are indentations of his fingernails on her chin. She can scarcely feel her circulation.

She realizes that the sheet has fallen off her body and her breasts are displayed. Miguel’s eyes are popping out of his head. Channing is screaming something into the camera. His eyes are bloodshot and anguished.

“I know. I’ve turned off the sound,” Hugh says. He taps the sound icon again and it turns from red to green. “If you’re done yelling, listen up. The only reason she let me fuck her . . . again and again . . . is because I threatened her I would make you die a slow, painful death. You’re going to die anyway, big brother, but I can make it quick so you don’t suffer. Well, as quick as I can, considering you left me in Iraq to burn.”

“You didn’t burn, you fucker!”

“Are we going to play nice?” Hugh adjusts the laptop screen to face him. “Now listen up. I’m going to kill her . . . nice and slow . . . in a way that even you will have never thought of. Unless – ”

She knows it will come to this. She cringes.

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Susan Chalmers and her billionaire lover, Channing Crawford, are now prisoners of Channing's ex-girlfriend, Alia.

Alia's fury over the past knows no bounds as she tortures Channing and secretes Susan to a citadel in Baghdad. And now the endgame looms. Channing will have to make a terrible choice: the woman he loves . . . or the lives of the people he is responsible for.

At 14,000 words, HIS INDECENT REVELATIONS is the final volume in the 'BOUND AND SHACKLED TO THE BILLIONAIRE' BDSM erotic romance series.

That night, they lie in each other's arms, unable to sleep.

"You think they're going to kill me?" Susan says. Her head is on Channing's chest.

"I don't think so."


"I don't think Alia would let you die. She's not the type. She thinks you're kindred spirits. You share a common bond. That is, you've both been majorly fucked by me, and I don't mean it in a positive way."

"So why am I here?"

"As a pawn to keep me in check before they kill me." His tone is a matter-of-fact.

She realizes he has come to accept that he is going to die.

"I don't think she'll kill you," she whispers, stroking his chest. "She still loves you. I can feel it. As a woman, I know these things."

He is silent, but his heartbeat thuds erratically.

"Permanent imprisonment isn't on my bucket list of things to do either," he says.

"Channing . . . I love you." It seems as though she has loved him forever.

He lifts a tendril of her hair.

"I love you too," he says hesitantly.

She tenses and holds her breath. This is the first time he has ever said it to her.

"But I'm afraid to jinx you by saying it too often," he adds. "So don't expect me to say it again until . . . unless we get out of here."

His eyes are shining the dim light of the flickering lamp on their bedside table.

"It's all right. You said it . . . and that's all that matters," she says.

Tears come to her eyes and her heart expands with sudden emotion. She has always wondered why folks made such a big do about those three little words, and now she understands. They are monumental. They represent anything and everything that has happened in their relationship, and for it to come to this pivotal moment . . . well, it's as good a time as any to say them.

She clasps his body to hers, and he does likewise. They hold each other like this for a long, long time, gazing into each other's eyes, studying each other's faces and thinking about what might ensue tomorrow.

About what may never be.

After a while, he says, "You want to try again?"

She knows what he refers to. Do you want to try to make love again? Because we may never get the chance . . . again.

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The Series Continues with THE BILLIONAIRE MARRIAGE Series: His Indecent Proposal