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The ‘Naughty Nymphomaniac’ series


18-year-old Mika Jamison is dark-haired, beautiful, and has tits described as "firm, luscious melons" sprouting from her chest. Her sweet pussy is blessed/cursed with an uncommon affliction that makes her always horny and wet.

When her boyfriend, Jake, invites two of his friends over for a private session with Mika in the Chemistry lab, Mika discovers just how titillating and exciting certain lab instruments can be. That is . . . until they get caught by the Assistant Principal, a fearsome woman nicknamed the Dragon.

Will Mika be able to persuade the Dragon and the very handsome Principal Slade to let her off?

This BDSM novelette (11,700 words) is Volume ONE of the NAUGHTY NYMPHOMANIAC series.

"Now, Mannie, what do you want to do to her tits?"

Manfred is so agog at the wonder of seeing and touching me that he can scarcely speak.

"Do you want to suck them?" Jake slyly suggests.

I lean forward in an encouraging manner while holding up my tits in my palms. Jake's hand is on my ass as Chip and Manfred lower their mouths - one to my right nipple and the other to my left - to suckle. My nipples are already so erect and sensitive that I'm ready to explode, and it's only the fact that my pussy is still encased in its panties that I manage to rein in my orgasm.

Hot, wet tongues lick my nipples. Warm inner cheeks suck and suck at them for all they are worth. I writhe and groan in exquisite agony. Four hands roam all over my breasts and belly, while one of them dips to underneath my skirt.

"Hold on." Jake's admonishing tone. "You haven't paid for that yet, lover boy. Now do you dudes wanna see her cunt or not?"

Murmurs of agreement all over.

I'm a little uncomfortable to Jake referring to my erotic bits as 'cunt' - it seems so crude and vulgar somehow - but I suppose he does it in the heat of passion.

"Come on, beautiful," Jake says in my ear as he unhooks my skirt from behind. I help him slide it off from under my buttocks and my thighs. My black stockings are of the garter variety, and they are held up by two thin synthetic material straps to a black garter belt around my lower waist. My panties are also black, and so wet that the crotch area actually feels heavy and is pulling the rest of it down.

The boys stare openly at my crotch.

"That will be ten dollars each," Jake says, holding out his palm. "Pay up."

Chip and Manfred do not tear their gazes from my crotch as they remove the bills from their wallets and hand them to Jake.

Jake grins as he flips the notes. "OK. Brace yourselves, kiddos. It'll be quite a sight."

The sides of my panties are conveniently worn on top of my garter straps. I initially meant Jake to pull my panties off and fuck me only with my garters and stockings on. Well, I guess I will have to contend with more than Jake.

Jake tugs my panties and slides them off my hips and thighs the same way he did my skirt. All eyes are on my exposed pussy as I open my legs wider for their inspection.



"Do you see it?" Jake persists. "She has a most unusual cunt. A gold mine of a cunt."

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When her gorgeous boyfriend invites Mika Jamison to a sex session in the woods, little does she know what awaits her.

Two police officers find her in a very compromising position in the car, involving the hood, the trunk and a gearbox. They haul her, naked, to the police station, where they subject her to a body search she will never forget.

Handcuffed and vulnerable, Mika is given a choice. Say "yes" to whatever mysterious things they will do to her, and they'll drop all charges.

Will the scared but horny Mika take the bait?

This BDSM novelette (13,500 words) is Volume TWO of the NAUGHTY NYMPHOMANIAC series.

They handcuff us again after the mug shots and lead us into a small interrogation room. A table with a couple of chairs makes up the only furniture. A box of latex gloves is placed suggestively in the middle of the table.

Officer Pat Granger pushes Jake down on the table, abdomen first, so that his butt juts out.

"You can't do this," Jake yells. "I have rights! You haven't read me my rights."

Pat replies smoothly, "You're a drug mule and you have no rights in here where we're concerned. You want your phone call? Who you're gonna call? Your rich Daddy? How's he gonna react when you tell him you've been hauled up for drug possession? You're seeing five years in the slammer, at least."

Jake's blood drains out of his face.

I guess that's why he didn't protest too much when Pat straps on a pair of latex gloves and inserts two fingers rudely up his anus. Jake grunts as the fingers make a thorough sweep of his asshole. I know the last thing Jake wants is for his Dad to find out . . . and find out he definitely will. Jake's college degree is already being threatened, but now he's looking at the deep black hole of being completely cut out from his family.

I don't know if Jake's asshole has ever been violated before, but he grits his teeth and bears it like a man. He doesn't seem to be enjoying it though, but maybe that's because Pat's fingers are so forceful.

Then it's my turn.

Officer Sam Hanson, who seems to have taken a shine to me, bends me over the table. He starts with my asshole first - two fingers in, as deep as they can go. He makes several thorough rotations. I close my eyes, guilty that I'm actually relishing the feel of having something in my ass again.

Then he pulls me up and makes me lie on the table, legs apart. All three officers close in, their attention rapt on my exposed pussy.

"Never seen something like that in all my life," says Officer Albin.

I guess he's referring to my elongated inner pussy lips.

I tense, waiting for the inevitable vaginal inspection. I am not disappointed. Sam peels open my pussy lips, all four of them, and holds them wide apart. My wrists have been cuffed behind my back and I'm now lying on my affixed arms. The other policemen crowd in for the view while Jake - standing across the table -looks on in despair.

"Fucking fantastic cunt," says Pat.

"Wet as a leaky hose. See all that cum coming out of her twat?" Sam runs his gloved finger up and down my clit, stimulating my sensitive nerve fibers.

He shoves two fingers up my vulva. I gasp at the roughness of his invasion. The fingers are merciless, going up as far as they would go - exploring the oblong boxlike confines of my vagina. A spool of pleasure uncurls within me as they rub against my G-spot.

"There might be drugs up that snatch, ya never know. Looks deep enough," Dan drawls. "What do you say to a little further probing?"

I'm apprehensive as to what this means. Sam spreads my legs farther apart. Grinning, he says to me, "Take a deep breath."

I have been warned, I suppose. Sam shapes his gloved hand into a beak. Then he shoves his entire hand into my pussy.

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18-year-old Mika Jamison is in serious trouble. Her orphanage mistress has found out what she has done and throws her out into the streets. Mika goes to the only foster parents who will take her - deep in corn country where there is scarcely a soul around.

When a prison chain gang comes around to dig the trenches, the horny Mika hatches a devious plan - involving a sponge, a bucket and a hose - to get the able-bodied and very attractive men to fuck her. She has her eye especially on the towering Sully, a black prisoner with the largest cock she has ever seen.

But things take an unexpected turn - something even Mika can't predict.

This novelette (13,400 words) is Volume THREE of the NAUGHTY NYMPHOMANIAC series.

I guess I didn't know what I was getting into.

No, I mean I really didn't, and what ultimately happened thereafter is not what you think either.

We are in the barn. Like I said, I know the Cantwells are going to be away practically the whole day. Karen's psychiatrist apparently doesn't keep to his appointment times, and there's a long wait even if you get there before your appointment time. Sucks for Karen and Bert. Good for me.

This is the scenario.

The guards have decided that the prisoners are too dangerous to let loose, even when they are standing watch over them with cocked rifles. So there will be some compromises.

The whole barn atmosphere reeks of forbidden danger and tenseness, or maybe it's just the brittle iron smell of old farm machinery.

The barn has a high vaulted ceiling with plenty of loft space. There are no bales of hay, seeing as we have no livestock. The wooden floor is old and planked. There's a musty tarpaulin stacked away in a corner, and I drag this out and unroll it on the floor.

The prisoners all look as if parole and Thanksgiving and Christmas all bunched up into one has arrived early for them in a veritable goodie bag. They are all grinning from ear to ear as they shrug off their orange jumpsuits and tear off their briefs. Toned and scorching hot bodies are revealed one by one, and those who are already in their boxers strip those off as well.

Ten rock hard cocks of varying sizes all spring to attention.

I have my eye on several. Big Black's cock is a cannon. I swear it's the largest and longest cock I have ever laid eyes on. It rises from his tuft of black wiry hair like a monolith. Its smooth mushroom head is surprisingly circumcised. His shaft is as sweetly chocolate-colored as the rest of his powerfully muscled skin.

Oh my.

Albino's schlong is thinner, but it spans a good eight inches long. In fact, I haven't seen a cock amongst the bunch that I don't like. My clothes are literally screaming to fall off me. I undress quickly, peeling off my wet blouse and skirt. As I busy myself, two of the guards put the wrist shackles back on the prisoners. That's the deal, you see. They get me, but only if they are nicely bound in irons. For my safety as much as the guards'.

I unhook my bra from behind and my breasts pop out in all their naked and lush glory. I swear I can see the drool spilling out of the men's mouths. I strip off my thong. There, I'm naked now but for my high heels, and these I will keep.

I wonder if someone will offer to cuff me. Since my stint in the jail cell, I've developed nightly fantasies of being handcuffed to the bars and taken from behind.

You can light the air with a match from the scorching gazes that my naked body has generated. The prisoners look hungry enough to run to me, club me over the head, caveman-style, and take me then and there.

But the guards have other plans.

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After having sexual relations with ten men in her barn, Mika Jamison is now severely grounded. A prisoner in her room, she chances upon someone who calls himself 'HOT NAVY SEAL 21' on an adult dating website.

The hot navy SEAL turns out to be a supremely, achingly hot guy stationed in Iraq, and Mika finds herself sex-mailing and showing off her body to him over Skype. But all too soon, he gets his walking papers and catches a flight to meet Mika.

Is he everything Mika has hoped for? And is she prepared to handle more?

This erotic romance novelette (11,500 words) is Volume FOUR of the NAUGHTY NYMPHOMANIAC series. It's written in Mika's witty, tongue-in-cheek and savagely funny voice.

"Do you want to see my tits?" I ask daringly.

I'm not going to flush. I swear it. I'm not the easily embarrassed sort anyway. And I've never shown my tits to any man over a computer before, so I'm kind of turned on.

In fact, I'm majorly turned on.

He gives me an incredulous look. "You shittin' me?"

"No." I'm wearing a cream-colored sweater with a boat-shaped neck. I haven't brought any tight clothes with me because my foster folks are such prudes.

I'm not wearing a bra.

He seems paralyzed. His eyes are still in that 'you've gotta be kidding me' mode.

"Uh, OK. If you're gonna show me your titties, I'm all eyes." He visibly swallows, the Adam's apple moving deliciously down his throat. "I mightn't be able to handle it though."

I haven't stopped smiling through all this.

"OK, here goes," I announce.

He sort of braces himself and leans back as I slowly peel off my sweater. I start at the hem, of course, and inch the cotton fabric bit by bit over my chest, pausing there with the sweater enveloping my head. It's an incredibly hot pose, I know. I've practiced it many a time on Jake.

There comes the sound of labored breathing over the Internet.

"Oh God, what are you doing to me?" he rasps, his voice husky.

I shrug off the rest of the sweater, revealing my breasts in all their naked glory. His face has taken on a flush and he's leaning back in his chair, breathing heavily and visibly. The rise and fall of his chest only serves to accentuate his musculature, and I find myself mentally undressing him.

I can't see his hands.

He tries to speak, but shakes his head wildly instead.

With both palms, I push my humungous breasts up and offer them invitingly to the screen. My red, red nipples are erect and they point right at him like teasing fingers. I know my breasts are impressive. It is (they are) a fact. They are shapely and titanic and totally squeezable - my darling mounds and mounds of sweet, tan-colored, very tasty flesh.

An unzipping sound cuts right through time and space on my audio. I can see Ben's arms moving on the screen, obviously working on something down there. He licks his lower lip. His brow, unhampered by hair, glistens slightly.

"Oh baby, you're making me so hard I think I'm going to come right now." His voice is so hoarse that I can scarcely make out his words.

A familiar excitement sends an electric tingle through me. I revel in making men come.

I say in a low, seductive voice, "Why don't you show me what you've got down there?"

He flashes me that 'Are you fucking around with me?' look again.

"Y-you want to see it?" .

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Mika Jamison's fortunes take a turn for the better when her hot but volatile Navy SEAL, Ben, asks her to marry him in Reno. Or have they really?

Torn between not being ready for marriage and wanting to please someone who will love her forever, Mika goes down to the gaming tables at her hotel. There, she meets Maharajah Tarsem Khan. He is rich, handsome and he offers her a contract - to allow her luscious body to make him an heir for five million dollars, but she must walk away from her baby forever.

But Ben loves her. How will he react to this, and will Mika make the right choice?

This 15,000 word breeding erotica story is Volume FIVE of the NAUGHTY NYMPHOMANIAC series.

"I'm not going to sleep with you, Mr. Khan," I say bluntly.

"Wait till you hear what I have to say first. You are too young to rush headlong into marriage, Ms. Jamison, and that is essentially what you are doing. Especially with a man you hardly know." He holds up a palm to silence my protest. "I know you'll say it's none of my business, but hear me out first. You are right. It is none of my business what you do with your life. However, you should know that I am offering you another option."

"An option?"

This line of conversation is making me very uneasy, especially since his eyes dip down now and again to my revealed breasts. Well, OK, this never bothered me before. I usually like men ogling my tits. But all this has changed now that I've met Ben.

"Yes," he says. "I would very much like you to be my concubine, Ms. Jamison. I would very much like to get you with child. I think you will produce very beautiful children, and you certainly have the wide hips to do it."

He gazes at my hips and I consciously squeeze my legs shut. I wish I had worn something longer.

"A concubine?" I repeat. That is extremely archaic. Do they still exist? "But why would I want to be your concubine, Mr. Khan? You're a nice man, no offense, but I have a gorgeous man waiting for me upstairs. He loves me and wants to marry me. Why should your option appeal to me at all?"

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