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The ‘Undercover’ Series

For her rookie assignment as an investigative journalist, Rachel Gardener is determined to expose a gynecologist with sinister ethics.

But she doesn’t expect him to be so handsome or soft-spoken. Or that her medical examination would be so bizarre and psychologically invasive.

This erotica novelette at 11,000 words will be a unique take on the doctor/patient fantasy that you’ve never read before.

She takes his hand, her heart beating fast, as he assists her to maneuver her body into a squatting position. It’s a very revealing pose – legs bent and thighs splayed wide apart. The soles of her feet sink into the leather. Her furred pussy is an open flower in her center.

Dr. Rathbone stares at her pussy with great intensity, as though he is studying a new species of insect.

“You have very nice genitals, Rachel.”

Her tongue freezes in her mouth. She can’t bring herself to say ‘Thank you’.

He says, “Sometimes, failing to achieve orgasm is due to weak pelvic musculature. Have you had any groin injuries?”

“No.” Unless you count the time she skidded on her skateboard and landed hard on it when she was a kid.

“I’m going to assess the strength of your pelvic muscles.”

He moves close to her once again. She finds herself cringing as his hand shapes itself into a trigger with two pointing fingers. Those fingers probe for her vulva this time, burrowing into her tight nether mouth. She’s already quite wet down there and so his fingers slide in easily. Still, she’s not prepared for the sudden intrusion and she squeaks – a piteous sound of anxiety and surrender.

His face is very close to hers. The scent of his aftershave is stronger than ever. She finds herself noticing the fine lines of his face and the clean cut of his jaw. The warmth of his body seeps through her flesh. His fingers cleave into her vagina, parting her long dormant walls like a shark’s fin slicing the water.

“Very tight,” he observes. “Now try to squeeze your muscles as hard as you can around my fingers.”

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Tim is young, strikingly handsome . . . and a corporate espionage agent. Tasked with stealing a secret blueprint from Anna Scott – a self-made CEO who chews and spits out men for breakfast – he decides to pose as a male maid.

Only this particular male maid agency requires him to clean her penthouse . . . in the buff.

Anna Scott is divorced and on a hormone-fueled man-hate rampage. When the very sexy Tim arrives at her doorstep, she makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

But in this sexual game involving two people with very different motives, there can be only one winner.

This is a BDSM novelette at 11,400 words.

His hands rush to her breasts. He gropes and cups them, massaging and kneading them firmly. He plays with her nipples, tweaking them and squeezing them gently. She lies back and lets him trail his mouth down her throat, and upon the skin above her sternum – down, down to her cleavage.

His hands drop down to her skirt to unfasten its clasp as his mouth takes in her right nipple. He undresses her as he suckles her teat, pulling off her skirt in haste and discarding it off the bed the way he did with her brassiere. The workings of his cheek muscles and tongue on her nipple are so intense that she can feel the blood rushing to that spot and her areolas tingling as though they have been doused in sparkling water.

He grips the waistband of her panties and off it comes too, down her legs and off her bare feet. His hand brushes against her pubic hair. She hasn’t shaved it for anyone since . . . ah well, Tad. He transfers his mouth from her saliva-slicked right nipple to her left. The knuckles of his fingers curl and slide from her pubic mound to the folds of her clit and outer labia. He rubs her secret undulations with his knuckles.

It’s so sublime that she moans and creams out of her wet, wet vagina.

But wait. He’s initiating normal sex. She’s not in the mood for vanilla sex. She paid for a multi-flavored banana split, and she’s going to get exactly that.

They are both naked now and he’s still licking and spiraling his tongue around her left teat. His cock is very hard against her leg.

She says, pushing him away with effort, “OK, I want you to lie on your stomach.”

He lifts up his head guardedly. His lips are red with effort.

“You mean right now?”


His entire body is tense as he gets off her. She sits up on the bed. His cock is iron hard as he prostrates himself upon his abdomen, placing his head in between his folded arms. His buttocks jut suggestively into the air – a sculptured duet of firm flesh.

“Don’t get too comfortable,” she warns him.

His muscled back and silky, gleaming skin are just begging for her to roam her hands over, and so she obeys her primal instincts. She gropes his sensuous buttocks, delighting in the role reversal and his mounting discomfiture.

“What are you going to do to me?” he asks.

“Just wait and see.”

Her fingers wriggle into the cleft between his ass cheeks and probe for his puckered asshole. Nice, she thinks. He draws a sharp breath as she inserts an index finger into it. He’s very tight. He is obviously a virgin here.

She withdraws her finger and gets up from the bed. He’s clearly expecting what she’s about to do next because his worried expression is reflected on the translucent headboard. A pang suddenly fleets through her chest. Is this what she has turned to – a badass dominatrix who preys on innocent and beautiful youths who are trying to make a living?

Tad intrudes into her mind again and she steels her resolve.

“Wait here. Don’t move,” she tells him.

She walks out of the bedroom to get her gear. She notices his wheelie bag of cleaning implements in the hallway, and has a sudden idea.

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