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The ‘Eight Tasks for the Blushing Virgin’ Series

Found on Amazon as The Dangerous Billionaire Series

Sofia Moreno has been brought up to be a good Catholic girl. But that didn't stop her father from chalking up a huge gambling debt - one he must pay, or an enforcer will break his legs.

Unbeknownst to her family, Sofia seeks to pay this debt in the only way she knows how - by giving up the most precious thing she possesses: her virginity. And she must surrender it to the man who now holds her father's life, Nicholas Greco.

Nicholas is handsome, tyrannical and ruthless. He has no choice. In the world he inhabits, he must command respect through physical force, or his beloved family will be mown down and slain by his enemies.

Sofia must now enter and navigate his brutal world. But nothing is as simple as it appears. She must contend with Alyssa, his cunning best friend who is secretly in love with him and who would do anything to destroy rivals for his affection. And then there is the added complication of Nicholas's beautiful son, Paul . . .

DEFLOWERED sets up the central conflicts for the EIGHT TASKS FOR THE BLUSHING VIRGIN erotica drama series. It contains 20,000 words.

Nicholas Greco - the man who has threatened, through one of his enforcers, to break my father's legs if he doesn't pay up - is still staring at me out of those tiger eyes. He has large eyes - so piercing that my stomach flips at their intensity.

He says, "Why have you come to see me, Sofia Moreno?"

I swallow. My heart is banging against the drum of my rib cartilage.

I can do this. I know I can.

"It's a-about my father, Mr. Greco."

He doesn't say anything but listens to me patiently. I find myself studying the curvature of his sensuous mouth. He must have been a very pretty boy when he was younger. Very pretty indeed. I wonder how he managed to survive in such a brutal landscape. But then, his father was Donnie Greco. No one would have dared to give him grief.

I continue, the pulse in my throat rapping a staccato beat, "He can't repay what he owes you. He doesn't have fifty thousand dollars."

Nor do I. Nor does anyone I know.

He nods, but still doesn't say anything. Not that he's motionless. Nicholas Greco is one of those restless beings. Even when his entire body is not in motion, his irises are constantly roaming in the whites of his orbs.

"So I-I've come in his place. To repay you."


This is the way it is to be. I dart a glance at Abe, who does not move. His face is impassive. I suppose that when I decided to begin this, I should have known that my privacy would be taken away. My life is now forfeit to those who would partake of it.

I pull in a deep breath. I straighten my back and stand tall and proud. Well, as tall as I can measure up. I'm five foot four. My heels add another two inches. My pink sundress is something someone would wear to church - demure, chaste and girly. I know I am a very pretty girl. Everyone has told me so. My curly hair is a deep red. My violet eyes are wide and innocent. My complexion is porcelain, like a doll's.

Before I can lose my nerve, my words tumble out in a rush, "I have come to give you . . . myself in place of my father's debt. I am a virgin. I have come to offer you my virginity . . . and m-my body . . . to do with as you please."

There, I have said it. I swallow the multiple lumps which have bolted to my throat. Now that my proposition is out, a flush of embarrassment courses through my cheeks. My face must be as inflamed as my hair. What was I thinking of when I came up with this? What would a man like Nicholas Greco want with me when he probably has dozens of virgins at his beck and call?

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Sofia Moreno is in the midst of a deadly spider-web. Nicholas Greco, her handsome crime lord suitor, has demanded the use of her body for a month. In return, he will forget her father's debts.

Enter Paul Greco, his mirror-image son - an extremely sexual creature who is at war with everything his father represents. Paul is a free spirit who resents having to take over the shady family business when he comes of age, but his father gives him no choice.

Paul finds himself attracted to Sofia against his better judgment, just as she finds herself compelled by him. But Sofia's secret desires also lie with his father.

The trio's secret and conflicted passions are thrown in disarray with the arrival of an FBI agent investigating Nicholas's involvement in the case of a beautiful missing blonde . . .

DEBAUCHED is the second volume in the EIGHT TASKS FOR THE BLUSHING VIRGIN erotica drama series. It contains 20,000 words.

"I saw you looking at Sofia at dinner. What do you think of her?" Her voice is soft. Insistent. This usually means she wants something.

"Pretty," I say affably.

Actually, Sofia is more than pretty. She's beautiful. Innocent. Nymph-like. All of those things. I can well imagine her in a goddess gown scooping a handful of water from a stream. She doesn't belong here.

"You like her, don't you?"

"I don't know her well enough to like her."

I'd love to fuck her, and I don't have to like her to fuck her.

"Well," Alyssa says with a mysterious smile, "then go for it. You want to do a one-upmanship on your old man? Then do it. I think you can."

I stare at her.

"Whose side are you on?" I say slowly.

"Both of you. I'm only suggesting what's good for both of you . . . as always."

I laugh. "He'll kill me if he finds out."

"I don't think so. It might be . . . a wake-up call for him . . . in more ways than one." Alyssa touches one of my bedposts.

I don't always claim to know what Alyssa is hinting at, because that woman has more layers than a tissue box. But I do know she always has our family's best interests at heart. I narrow my eyes.

"I don't know," I murmur, "I've never done it before."

"Have sex before?" It's her turn to laugh. "You're only twenty and you're already a pro."

I don't want to tell her that I have hustled before. Not for the money, but for the sheer experience of debasing myself and wondering if I can feel anything in the midst of the numbness.

"I've never had sex with any of my father's women before," I say pointedly. And that includes 'you'. I've always considered it an off-limits territory. And besides, I wasn't interested in the most of the older women he brought home.

But Sofia is not old. She's young and vulnerable. All the things I am, as much as I don't like to admit it. We are two peas in a pod. "Just consider it," Alyssa says, still smiling that smile of hers. "But don't do anything you don't want to do, of course. It's all up to you."

There it is. The way she always puts her suggestions forward. The way she plants the seeds in your mind. Once upon a time, it might have been subtle, but I know her too well by now. I know the games she tries to play, and I won't fall for them.

Unless I happen to think they are worth playing.

And right now, I'm so desperate to feel something - anything - in this choking mind prison I'm in that I'm actually considering it.

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Sofia Moreno has been given a difficult task by the FBI: she can help them incriminate her handsome crime lord suitor, Nicholas Greco, or her father will go to prison.

But Sofia has grown quite fond of Nicholas. He invokes passions in her that she didn't know she possessed. Unfortunately, so does his stunning son, Paul, who is determined to go against his father's wishes and tempt Sofia into his bed. Against her better judgment, Sofia finds herself warming to the rakish but vulnerable Paul.

But can and should Sofia bring Nicholas down? The task is dangerous and Nicholas has spies everywhere. And what of her own bruised and conflicted heart?

DECEIVED is the third volume in the EIGHT TASKS FOR THE BLUSHING VIRGIN BDSM erotica drama series. It contains 20,000 words.

A chastity belt! What on earth is Nicholas thinking of? This is a whole new level kink . . . for me, at least. The leather is tight and disturbing around my hips. My flesh scarcely is allowed to sweat.

Alyssa shows me a medium-sized padlock, and secures it at the area of the zipper in front of my pubis. She stands back to admire her handiwork.

"Now you wait here for Nick like a good little girl. It may be hours before he returns, so I'll come in to check on whether you need to go to the toilet."

Hours! I will have to kneel here in this dreadful position for hours?

She laughs at my apprehension, affirming that streak of cruelty I always believed she harbored inside.

"Don't make such a face. I daresay you'd find it quite pleasurable to be an object of such desire. Now stay there and try not to squirm too much, lest you dislodge something. And then I'll be very, very upset."

I daresay she will be.

She exits the bedroom, locking the door behind her, leaving me all alone. I guess she doesn't want one of the maids to wander in here by mistake. My knees already feel compressed and my limbs are stiff. I try to flex and extend them in whatever small measure my bonds will allow. My circulation feels dammed up.

But it's no use. After a while, pins and needles set in. My entire right leg goes numb. I don't know how long I have been in this bedroom, but there is an antique alarm clock on the bedside table and I am not in the position, so to speak, to look at its dials. I can only guess at the passing time.

My mind is terribly occupied, though. The audacity of what I must to do to betray Nicholas weighs heavily upon my conscience. And I don't even know the best way to do it.

There are rabid fire ants on my thighs and legs when I hear the click of someone trying the doorknob outside. Nicholas! I think. A large part of me is relieved he's home. Then he can fuck me and do anything he likes to me and I can get out of this uncomfortable position.

The doorknob turns for a few rotations, and then stops, meeting resistance. My heart freezes. Nicholas would have the key, right? Alyssa would have given it to him, surely. But something jiggles at the door, as if someone is manipulating the lock.

Then the door opens. Footsteps pad on the carpet.

I raise my head fearfully and try to crane as much as my neck as possible to look at my visitor. My heart bolts to my throat as I gaze up at the curious and bemused face of Paul Greco.

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Sofia Moreno and Paul, her strikingly handsome savior, are now on the run from Paul's father - the powerful crime lord, Nicholas Greco.

Nicholas has no choice. For Sofia's betrayal, he has to teach her a severe lesson or lose his status in the crime community. But it breaks his heart to have to punish Paul as well.

Sofia and Paul flee to Europe. They will have to do a lot of questionable things to survive. Meanwhile, the FBI closes the net on Nicholas.

DESIRED is the fourth volume in the EIGHT TASKS FOR THE BLUSHING VIRGIN erotica drama series. It contains 21,000 words.

Paul looks up at me expectantly.

"Come," he says, patting the bed space beside him.

He hasn't started eating yet. He was obviously waiting for me. Somehow, that gesture touches me more than anything.

I crawl onto the bed. Our bare legs sidle against each other's for a moment, and I shyly pull mine away. I am wearing my robe, and extremely aware that if I sit in an unladylike position, my pussy would be displayed for his viewing pleasure. So I arrange the hem of my robe in such a manner that I am discreetly covered, and proceed to take my burger in my hands and eat it.

"Bon appetit," he says.

We devour our burgers and fries. For drink, he has ordered two tall bottles of Coke, and we consume all of it as well. I am very aware of his warmth and presence beside me, and of the bulge in his crotch. He is not hard - yet. He just has a very nice, full package.

He catches me eyeing it now and again, and I flush. He thankfully chooses not to say anything.

When we finish, I put the tray aside.

"I'm going to take a shower," he announces.

I watch him as he strides towards the bathroom, his muscles sleek like a cougar's. I almost expect him to strip off his underwear in front of me. But again, he chooses to blindside me by keeping it on. He closes the door discreetly behind him.

I am already in bed, still in my robe, when he finally exits with a towel wrapped around his waist. He rubs his hair dry with a smaller hand towel as he gazes at me out of half-lidded eyes. I am not pretending to be asleep, to my credit, but I'm unsure of how to act. What do you say to a beautiful boy you are extremely conscious of and who has just saved your life? If you chose to reward him in a certain manner, would he think you a hussy?

Paul switches off the overhead lights and we are left with just the one cheap lamp burning beside the bed.

"Don't mind if I take my towel off," he murmurs.

I hold my breath as he removes the white covering around his slim waist. His penis is already semi-hard and standing at half-mast.

"I want you really bad, Sofia," he says in a choked voice, "but I'll keep my promise. No sex unless you want it."

He doesn't say anything more as he gets under the covers beside me.

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Nicholas Greco, the handsome and powerful crime lord, has been arrested by the FBI for a murder he did not commit. Paul, his mirror image son, has to come out of exile to take over the family business before their murderous rivals swoop in.

Meanwhile, Sofia Moreno is sent to a safe house in Jamaica. But the romantic and sexual web which connects the three of them becomes increasingly complicated, especially when Nicholas escapes. He now intends to hunt down Sofia and punish her for betraying him, the consequences be damned.

This is the fifth and final book in the exciting DANGEROUS BILLIONAIRE series.

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