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The ‘Initiation 2’ Series


Shy freshman Gina Wesley is desperately in love with her new boyfriend, the gorgeous Max Devlin. She's both elated and scared when he takes her home to meet his super-rich family.

Max's sister hates her on sight, but his strikingly handsome twin brothers think Gina has a lot to offer. They invite her to a beach barbecue that involves a whole lot of creative swimwear, public exhibition and juicy meat sausages of a different variety.

Has Gina bitten off more than she can chew?

This 12,300 word BDSM novelette is Volume 1 of the 'Initiation 2' series. The 'Initiation' series has sold well over 120,000 copies.

He makes me face the mirror in the dresser. I'm naked, with just the loop end of the silken thread peeping from my pussy. My eyes are wide in my innocent-looking face and I realize how young I seem. My breasts are high in my chest. My nipples are large and red. My pussy is shaven clean and devoid of pubic hair bristles, the way Max likes it.

"You're so beautiful, babe," Max says, nuzzling my neck. His hands grope my tits. In the mirror, he's a blond Adonis, more splendid than anything I have ever seen.

He helps me put on my beachwear. It's a yellow sling bikini. The significance of that color is not lost on me. The sling is looped behind my neck, and the two slender ribbons of material are strung tightly down my torso, revealing three quarters of my areolas. My erect nipples strain prominently against the synthetic fabric, leaving nothing to the imagination. My red areolas flower around their barely-there casings.

Further downward, the yellow ribbons taper to a narrow common point which shields only the bottom half of my clitoris. The top halves of my clit and pussy lips are bared in pretty much the way a chest cleavage is revealed. Behind, the ribbons gather in a string that buries itself snugly in between my jostling buttock cheeks. This is connected to a horizontal string that straddles my hips.

When the entire ensemble is complete, the crotch of Max's jeans is tented. His hand fumbles at his zipper. With the Ben Wa balls squishing in my pussy juices and my own stark image in the mirror, I'm pretty stimulated myself.

"Oh Max, please fuck me," I plead, leaning against the mirror,

He presses his mouth to mine. A long-drawn, intimate, tongue-filled kiss.

"Later," he says in a throaty voice. He grabs my arm. "Come on. Let's go down to the beach."

I hesitate. "Wait. You mean you want me to go down to meet your family . . . wearing this?"

I had thought this outfit was for our private sexual play in the bedroom.

His expression is stoic, although the corners of his mouth threaten to curl. "Yes."

"Won't they be . . . shocked?" I can already picture the stoniness on Alice's perfect features.

The blood is rushing to my cheeks.

"Of course they would. That's exactly the effect we're aiming for."

His hand squeezes my right buttock. "Come on, Gina. It'll be fun, I promise you. You're going to love every minute of it."

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Pretty Gina Wesley is locked in the passionate embrace of her boyfriend's brother, when their father suddenly returns. Terrified of this mysterious billionaire, Gina scuttles to dress up for him.

But when Russell Devlin, the patriarch of the house, offers her a contract for her sexual servitude, Gina must decide if she will sell her body to her new 'Daddy' - who can be a very stern and demanding master.

This 9800 word BDSM novelette is Volume 2 of the 'Initiation 2' series. The 'Initiation' series has sold well over 120,000 copies.

Russell pats Alice's rump, a gesture that strikes me as unusual. She is after all older than Max. "Off with you now. I want to have a look at Max's girlfriend."

Even the way he talks to her is unusual, as if she's still a little girl. My anxiety intensifies.

"She's nothing special, Dad," Alice retorts as she reluctantly slides off his lap.

"Jealousy doesn't become you, sweetheart. Come here, Gina, and let me have a look at you."

"Go on." Max prods me in the back.

I go around the large desk, which is cluttered with documents and bric-bracs, including a table photo of a little girl in pigtails whom I recognize as a childhood version of Alice. Surprise, surprise, she's actually smiling in her photo - something I haven't seen much evidence of since I arrived.

Russell is seated on his high-back leather chair, whose reclining back squeaks as he leans back to view me in all my party frock glory. He's a giant of a man, with long limbs and a waist that resembles Max's tapering one.

"Very, very pretty." He holds out his large hands. "Come here, Gina."

I'm not really sure what to do, but I do know that as a guest, I cannot rudely decline. But just gazing at this magnificent specimen of a man - a man in every sense - makes me go weak in my knees. More so than his sons, he gives off the impression of instant and absolute command. His eyes are crinkled at the edges with laugh lines and his skin is weathered. I suspect he is a man much used to being outdoors.

I take two tentative steps towards him. He reaches out and grasps my hand.

"Sit here, Gina." He pats his lap, recently warmed by Alice.

Alice hisses with exasperation.

I place my buttocks on his lap. My hands tremble a little. I can smell his aftershave - a musky scent that sends shivers through my body. His skin is very warm through his shirt and pants, and I am very aware of his overwhelming maleness, and of his hand on my back as I snuggle closer to his torso in a bid to maintain my balance.

He adjusts my body orientation so that I'm sitting partially sideways, with my legs dangling off his right thigh. The armrest prevents me from totally being sideways. His hand on my back slides up and down my bodice, stopping just above my buttocks. My skirt is flouncy and very much in the way of more contact.

My pulse is fluttering at my throat. I swallow a hard lump.

Max clears his throat and remarks, "Gina has very nicely agreed to submit - " he pauses at the significance of the word " - to the whole family."

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Pretty Gina Wesley has a dilemma. Her boyfriend, the gorgeous Max Devlin, wants her to display herself on a public beach as part of her sexual servitude. But Gina is naturally shy.

Gina has to give in, however, when the Devlin siblings insist on coming along and taking photos of the event. But how soon will it be before the police show up?

This 10800 word BDSM novelette is Volume 3 of the 'Initiation 2' series. The 'Initiation' series has sold well over 120,000 copies.

More than a few females do a double take as the twins and Max come into view. I don't blame them. I would too. In fact, I'm positively glowing with the fact that I have three absolutely drop dead gorgeous men flanking me, as if I'm a supermodel or someone far worthier than what I deem myself. Envious eyes are riveted on me - wondering if a) I'm someone famous, or b) if I'm not, how the hell did I manage to snare this entourage?

Well, everyone will find out soon enough.

The twins and Max choose a spot somewhere in the middle of the beach. There are three empty deck chairs which have just been vacated, evidenced by the empty glasses on the adjoining side table. Sand scours the seats. The twins lay down their backpacks as Max begins to strip off his T-shirt and shorts.

I observe Max. I will never get tired of watching him take his clothes off. Every female around us is watching Max too, as well as the twins as they begin to peel off those Hawaiian shirts from their toned bodies.

As the siblings drop their baggy shorts, gasps burst from red lips all around us. Max is wearing a scarlet G-string. The twins are clad in corresponding blue ones. The G-strings feature a common pearl-shaped front to unsuccessfully cover their bulging genitals, allowing pubic hair to peek above and around the material in suggestive patches. Save for a thin band around their hips, their firm and luscious buttocks are completely exposed because the strings that form the connecting points are nicely and snugly buried within their cracks.

The outlines of their penises and balls contained within their fronts are very, very obvious. A trickle of fluid runs out of my pussy just to look at them.

Max grins at me. "Take it off, doll. Show them what you've got."

I'm only glad for the fact that Alice isn't around to see me. Aware that all eyes are now riveted upon me, I self-consciously shrug away the terrycloth robe.

More gasps of shock puncture the brittle atmosphere, already choked with the rising heat from the hot sands.

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Shy Gina Wesley is terrified. Her boyfriend's sister, the cruel Alice Devlin, has demanded that Gina must serve her as in the terms of her sexual contract.

But Gina is not prepared for the psyche-destroying mind trip that Alice puts her through as she becomes a sexual workhorse for Alice and her friends. That is, until Alice's father returns with a vengeance and a trio of his billionaire clients - whom Gina must entertain.

This 13500 word BDSM novelette is Volume 4 of the bestselling 'Initiation 2' series. The 'Initiation' series has sold well over 120,000 copies.

The youth is back with a joystick brush or whatever they call it. The handle is made out of some synthetic material. Green bristles sprout out of its flared rounded end.

Alice puts out her hand. "Give it to me."

The youth, wearing an expression of abject terror, obeys. Alice does that to people, so I can totally sympathize.

"You can stand here and watch if it's done properly," she says to him. Then she turns her gimlet gaze to me. "Come here, Gina."

I freeze.

Heather slyly pushes me forward. "Go on."

I can only teeter in my bare feet towards Alice, who holds the brush up like a cudgel. She gestures to the wet patch of soapy water on the deck.

"Go stand in that."


"Y-you mean . . . stand in the puddle?" I squeak.

"What part of it didn't you understand? Are you dense?"


"Then do it."

My mind runs havoc with permutations of Alice as Wicked Stepsister as I step onto the puddle. My bare feet squelch in the water and I can see my reflection in the rainbow-colored soap bubbles on the surface. I have to tread very carefully in my bound and sodomized state to keep myself from slipping.

"Now squat," Alice commands.

It is a very difficult maneuver for me because of the hook in my asshole. I have to spread my legs first and then bend my knees very slowly, all the time keeping my back straight. I don't even have the use of my hands to help me balance.

The youth gapes at the way my pussy is exposed to everyone's gaze.

Oh my God, it is humiliating.

Alice kneels in front of me. With several fingers, she peels open the layers of my outer labia so that my vulva can be clearly seen. Then she shoves the blunt handle of the joystick brush - which also resembles a crude penis (or any other rod) - into my pussy hole. She's rather rough, and I twitch in pain as the plastic handle enters me.

"Don't be a sissy," she scolds, her breath hot against my cheek. Her hair falls in front of her face and she impatiently brushes it off.

She pushes it in further, as deep as it can go. The stick's diameter is not that huge, and so my vaginal walls close around it in a comfortable fit. The brush's bristles flower from my pussy like a crown of weeds.

I flush with embarrassment. Never before have I been subjected to thus.

Alice stands up.

"Now I want you to clean the wet part of the floor with that brush, Gina. Do it with your pussy."

With my pussy? I am aghast. But I can't! I have a hook sticking in my ass that is restricting my butt movements.

"Do it," Alice says cruelly, "or I'll fetch a whip."

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It's the days before the sex slave auction. Pretty Gina Wesley and her superrich boyfriend, Max - now embarrassingly made a slave by his own father - must undergo a humiliating parade and a foot race where they are treated like beasts of burden.

But Gina is not prepared for the billionaire clientele that shows up to watch, which includes Max's mother.

This 10700 word BDSM novelette is Volume 5 of the bestselling 'Initiation 2' series. The 'Initiation' series has sold well over 120,000 copies.

Max lowers the sponge so that it is below the surface of the water. He trails it down the smooth slope of my lower abdomen. He pauses just above my pubic line.

I'm shaved, of course. I've bikini waxed every other day since I've met Max because I know he likes my pussy hairless. Having a hairless pussy makes me feel a lot sexier too, not to mention a lot hornier.

"You know that we are not allowed to have sex from now on unless instructed," he warns.

"No kidding."

"It's the rules. Once I've become a sex slave, my body is not my own. It is my master's to do as he pleases."

"So you are in the same boat as me."

"All four of us." His beautiful face is solemn. "So I can't fuck you, as much as I want to right now. This is as far as I can go."

To demonstrate, he slides the sponge down to my labia, where he slyly prizes up and digs beneath the petals of my flesh. I gasp as the sponge brushes my throbbing clit, already primed by his previous sponging ministrations upon my breasts and belly.

His fingers lift my labia, and with his third finger, he presses the sponge hard upon my clit - eliciting a spasm of pleasure.

I give a little moan. From across the pool, Alice turns to regard me with a glare.

"Ssssh." Max grins. "Don't let Heathcliff know you're having too much fun."

It isn't Heathcliff as much as Alice, I want to say. Perhaps she's jealous.

Of you. With me.

His fingers surreptitiously massage the tender flesh on the under-leaves of my outer pussy lips. It's ohhhhh so enticing. Then he snares and compresses my clit, so that my little nub is straining with need and heat - even beyond the delicious warmth of the water - and I'm trying not to make a noise, even though my fists and toes are curling wantonly and for the love of God.

He maintains his firm hold on my clit and labia while his other hand slips below my pussy. He inserts two fingers into my pussy hole. Ooooooh. In the bubbling water, my entire body - including the tunnel of my vagina - is languorously suffused with warmth, and his intrusion becomes a lovely addition to my general state of heightened arousal.

"You like that?" he says, smiling.

His fingers expertly massage my vaginal walls as his dilated eyes never leave mine. Beneath the water, his cock is diamond hard. My voice is hoarse as I clutch at his shoulders. "Are you sure this is all you can do?"

"Yes, or I will be severely whipped. You don't want to see me whipped, do you?"

The image is somewhat tantalizing.

Yes, I would really like to see Max hogtied and whipped, totally naked and pleading for mercy. I wouldn't like to wield the whip myself, of course. I'm no dominatrix. But to see another man - Russell perhaps - doing that to him is a scene that would greatly excite me.

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Submissive Gina Wesley is terrified of her upcoming auction. She has heard that some of the rich clientele - which includes Fortune 500 CEOs, an A-list movie star, a tennis player and a ruthless dictator - are infamously notorious for their cruelty.

First, she must put on a sexy show as well as go through an embarrassing exhibition. But she is unprepared for the 'special request' that a certain client makes of her.

In the end, who will purchase her willing body and beleaguered soul?

This 14000 word BDSM novelette is the sixth and final volume of the bestselling 'Initiation 2' series. The 'Initiation' series has sold well over 120,000 copies.

I run after Heathcliff in my heels, the only part of my anatomy that is wearing something. "What does he want with me?"

Heathcliff flashes me a deadpan glance. "What do you think, Ms. Wesley?"

Yeah, dumb question.

"Does Max know?'

Another dumb question. You are not in a normal relationship, and the sooner you get that into your thick skull, the sooner you can stop asking dumb questions.

"I don't believe he does, Ms. Wesley." Heathcliff walks swiftly down the dungeon corridor. "There are circumstances to this request however."

"Circumstances?" I'm aware of how ignorant and helpless I sound.

"He does not wish you to see his face."

"Oh. Do I have to wear a blindfold then?" I have been blindfolded before. It was . . . titillating.

"No." Heathcliff steers me to a stone chamber. "You see, we have prepared a special arrangement as per your patron's specifications."

I stop in my tracks when I see what he means.

There's a wide gurney, pretty much like what you see in hospital emergency rooms, at the far wall. It is embedded inside the wall, or at least, that's what it looks like. On closer inspection, I realize that a singular hole has been cut in the lower portion of that part of the wall so that the gurney straddles two rooms.

I have no idea what's on the other side. In the murky area in between, a black curtain drapes over the gurney, obscuring what's on the other end. I try to peer under the gurney, but another row of black curtains stand guard.

"Why doesn't he want me to see his face?" I ask.

"The ways of the very rich are sometimes hidden to me," Heathcliff says with a half-smile.

He wheels the gurney out of the other room and gestures to it. The curtains fall back into place, concealing everything. "Please . . . take your shoes off and lie down. I will have to restrain your wrists lest you be tempted to peek."

"Oh no, I won't. I swear."

"Specifications, Ms. Wesley."

I sigh.

I toe off my heels and climb onto the gurney. It's made of metal. It is cold against my warm flesh. Heathcliff arranges me so that my wrists are pulled back and chained to the top of the gurney, beneath which are fastened two hooks. He leaves my legs untethered and pushes the bottom half of the gurney through the forbidding black curtains, and arranges the latter so that everything is where it was.

I feel extremely vulnerable. The lower part of my naked body is exposed in the other chamber - prey to all kinds of indignities. My imagination runs wild with lions and tigers and bears . . . of the human variety.
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