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The ‘Initiation 3’ Series

Pretty college student Gina Wesley has been purchased as a sex slave by Vladimir Potchenko, dictator of a small Eastern European nation. She is told of his cruelty, his torture and annihilation of political prisoners, and she is rightfully terrified.

Together with her boyfriend, Max, and a fellow sex slave who secretly loves her, Greg, she must journey to the dictator's nation in his private jet. But she is not prepared for the terrible and salacious things he asks of her and their dire psychological ramifications.

This 11000 word BDSM novelette is the first volume of 'The Initiation 3' series. 'The Initiation 1' and 'The Initiation 2' have been in the Amazon US Top 2 Erotica and Top 30 Romance bestseller charts. The series has sold well over 120,000 copies.

Potchenko reaches for my pussy. I stand very still - my heart beating fast - as he wrests my outer labia from my clit, peeling them off as if they are pomegranate slices. My poor throbbing clit - so sensitized, so vulnerable - is revealed like a gold nugget in its sea of cocooned flesh.

What does he think of me when he looks at me? I am arrested by his obsidian eyes. I am drowning in them even though his gaze is focused on my pussy.

He seizes my clit in between his index finger and thumb. My skin there is on fire, and as he applies the pressure, a deep erotic tendril shoots through my entire cunt, flushing the entire front of my body scarlet right up to my cheeks.

"Ohhhhh," I moan, unable to help myself.

His gaze darts upward to my face. "You like it, do you not?"


"You will call me Master."

"Yes, M-master." I have not called anyone by that for a long, long time. I savor the word on my tongue. It makes me feel calmer. In my place.

He squeezes my clit further, sending me into spasms. I stiffen my back. My fists are bunched. I dare not touch him or place my hands on his shoulders, as I normally would if someone is playing with my pussy. I think I can climax just by letting him compress the nerve bundles in my clit into a flattened piece of ecstatic flesh.

I whimper again, feeling embarrassed by my wanton need.

He withdraws his hand.

"You like it too much."

I nod helplessly.

"You will be punished for that."

My blood runs cold. What does he mean?

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After being purchased as sex slaves by dictator Vladimir Potchenko, Gina, Max and Greg land on his hidden European nation of Ursk - a land of horrifying secrets. But nothing has prepared them for how vast Potchenko's power is . . . or how this will impact them.

Then Potchenko reveals his pretty but deranged daughter. A daughter who immediately decides that Max is hers to keep - never mind that he is contractually bound to be freed in a month . . . or that he is Gina's boyfriend.

This 11500 word BDSM novelette is the second volume of 'The Initiation 3' series. 'The Initiation 1' and 'The Initiation 2' have been in the Amazon US Top 2 Erotica and Top 30 Romance bestseller charts. The series has sold well over 120,000 copies.

Two clown grooms drag me to a silver apparatus that comprises of two horizontal bars - one above the other. Greg is being similarly brought toward us.

"Greg!" I cry in relief.

"Thank God you're OK," he says as soon as he approaches, breaking out into a wide smile. His shining eyes hold complicated emotions. Emotions I'm not ready to acknowledge or face . . . as yet.

Mansk says, "Is this one your boyfriend?"

I say, "No, it's the other one. The blond. Max."

Mansk nods to the clowns and says something in Urskan. Then he turns to me. "Everything is correct. String them both up."

He moves away without as much as a backward glance.

At first, I am bewildered. The grooms/clowns/whatever grab my arms and upend me as if I'm a ragdoll. My balance is completely disrupted. My hair shivers and trails to the floor like seaweed. Rough hands grab the flesh of my thighs, my legs, brushing against my pussy and buttocks interminably. The groom before me squeezes them. His painted face leers very close to mine - so close that I can smell the fruity, chemical paste of his gaudy makeup.

Hands grab my ankles and tie them with ropes to one of the horizontal bars. I'm in a precarious position - wrong side up and secured to the flimsy bar by only my feet at either end of the silver rod. My arms are left free.

Someone pinches my clit, and a spool of cream unearths from the recesses of my pussy. Because I am upside down, it pools at the mouth of my cervix.

My grooms are certainly taking liberties with my body, unlike so many of the grooms who have attended to me back in America - including Greg. Fingers prize open my pussy lips, stroke my clit, worm themselves 'accidentally' into my holes. Pincer grips tweak my nipples. Hands slide into my clefts. My juices begin to pool and pool, because I am excited despite my apprehension . . . or maybe because of it.

I desperately long to be fucked. I can sense it - this hollowness permeating my vagina, spreading all the way to my anus. I long to be fucked in both holes - invaded and penetrated so wonderfully and deeply that I can almost feel the towers of flesh inside me right now.

What is happening to me? Am I turning into a nymphomaniac in any circumstance - even one fraught with uncertainty and danger?

When they have finished with me, I feel like an acrobat. A bound acrobat. My pussy is a pink flower - just begging to be played with and despoiled.

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The deranged dictator's daughter, Aimelie Potchenko, is playing a cunning psychological game. She intends to keep Gina's boyfriend, Max, prisoner forever. But in doing so, she will throw Gina and her good friend, Greg, together in a series of bizarre sexual situations where they have no choice but to confront their secret attraction to each other.

Frightened by Aimelie's threat to keep them in Ursk forever, Gina decides to escape with her friends. But can she trust the people around her, or is she walking into a deadly trap?

This 11700 word BDSM novelette is the third volume of 'The Initiation 3' series. 'The Initiation 1' and 'The Initiation 2' have been in the Amazon US Top 2 Erotica and Top 30 Romance bestseller charts. The series has sold well over 120,000 copies.

The guards make me squat against the far wall from the bed, where I have a good view of Aimelie's ass bouncing on top of my boyfriend's well-muscled hips. They release by chains and make me hold my arms horizontally at my sides. They disengage the lariat, but still keep the iron collar around my neck as a mark of servitude.

Aimelie half-turns and says something to the guards. They nod gleefully.

As I stay still, the guards drag a box filled with saucers towards me. They don't have to tell me not to move a muscle when they start piling the plates upon my arms, shoulders, and strained and bent thighs. I have basically become a human smorgasbord. The saucers are delicate. I recognize the hallmark of extremely fine china beneath the rose patterned design, and it goes to say that I am forbidden to drop any of them.

"Break one, and I will have you severely whipped," Aimelie says, still in that teenage singsong voice of hers. Is it just me, or has her English improved? And it has just been one week of practicing periodically to Max, I suppose, when their language is not colored by 'fuck' or 'suck' or 'lick'.

"Aimelie, please," Max says. I can see the desperation on his flushed face. "Don't hurt her. I'll do anything you want."

"You are already doing anything I tell you to. Do not try to bargain with me for her hide. It does not become you. Back in America, you were lovers. But here, you are mine." She says that last with a feverish possessiveness that sends alarm bells ringing in my head.

I am afraid to breathe. My thighs already bear the strain of squatting. My pussy is wet and exposed. My arms tremble slightly, and I rue the fact that I scarcely have had the time to tone them. They are weak and ill-suited for duress. The iron collar is heavy around my neck.

But that is not all Aimelie has in store for me.

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Pretty American college student, Gina Wesley, her billionaire boyfriend, Max, and her other erstwhile suitor, Greg, have been caught trying to escape from the dictator's clutches in the strange land of Ursk.

Gina will now use all her feminine wiles to tempt the guards into letting them go. Can she find a way out for herself and her friends, or must she succumb to the dictator's final punishment?

This 12000 word BDSM novelette is the final volume of 'The Initiation 3' series. 'The Initiation 1' and 'The Initiation 2' have been in the Amazon US Top 2 Erotica and Top 30 Romance bestseller charts. The series has sold well over 120,000 copies.

The guard on my right takes a strand of my hair and twirls it around his finger and thumb. I glance at him, smiling encouragingly. He is the same guard who has inspected me so lasciviously when I was taking a piss.

I know what I will see on his face - lust, opportunity.

It doesn't matter. I don't have many cards left, and I will play every one of them until the final hour.

I keep my eyes trained on the road and landscape in front of me, not blinking. The sun is very bright, and my eyes water. There are very few people on this road, but I can see them toiling in the fields a distance away, their wide-brimmed hats shielding them from the sun. Cows and sheep dot the countryside. The scent of animals and manure waft in.

The guard's hand strays to my lap. He starts to stroke my thigh - all the way down from my hip to my kneecap.

I hold my breath. Yes, that's right, I will him. Desire me. I am always ready to be fucked at the drop of a hat.

The guard is saying something to the driver, and from their tone and lewd looks - which I surreptitiously discern out of the corner of my eye - they are speaking about me. His stroking continues, as lazily as a cat's tail, except that his groping and prodding are getting more restless. His fingers brush against the shoal of my pubis. He gets more adventurous, dipping further and kneading my mons and the top of my clit.

The driver laughs.

I am aroused despite myself, because his ministrations are very careful and enticing. My clit fills with blood. I can literally feel the wrinkled skin getting turgid and warm. He senses this, and accelerates his sly rubbing of my clit. I squirm in consternation. His other hand steadies my hip.

(Also called The Sex Slave's Final Punishment on some sites)
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